Backing up your Database

To backup one of your databases from our shared hosting environment you would first log into Myrsaweb and open the domain management page for the hosting who’s databases you wish to backup.

In the domain management page you will manage the databases by clicking the cog as per the image below


On this page you will see a list of databases as well as the usernames and passwords. In addition the is a “edit database in PHPMyadmin” button which when clicked will take you to the login page for your database.

With the username and password provided you can then login.

Once logged in you will see the database listed on the left with the same name as present in Myrsaweb. Selecting that will show you a list of all the tables in that database.

You can then select export from the menu at the top and using the default settings can then press “Go” in the bottom left to export the database.


Bevan Stapleberg

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