There are a number of changes you can make in the Email Accounts page.

You can add, remove, change passwords, adjust mailbox size, set up an email forward and manage the spam of an individual email account, set up an auto responder and enable the Catchall on the domain.




To add a new account:

-> Click on the Add New Email Account button.

-> Pick the desired username.

-> Set your own or simply generate a password.

It is advisable to leave the Mailbox Size as is, unless the client specifically requests a size. First Name, Surname and Contact Number are not required fields. Once completed, click the Add Account button and the email account will be created.

To remove an account, simply click the delete button next to the relevant mailbox.

To enable the Catchall, simply click the turn on button that will always be next the This will divert all incoming mail for that domain name to the postmaster mailbox.

Go to How to Manage Your Email for additional changes that can be made to your mailbox.

Kyle Tippens

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