Hauwei Mobile Data Device setup.

This document is the same for the following devices:

1. Hauwei Mobile WiFi Pro
2. Hauwei E8372 LTE Wingle
3. Hauwei Mobile WiFi E5330
4. Hauwei Mobile WiFi E5577
5. Hauwei E3531 HSPA+ USB Stick

Step 1.
Connect the device to your computer, if the device is a Mobile WiFi device, you will need to connect to it using the details provided on the back of the device under the battery cover.

Step 2.

Once connected to the device, your computer will automatically bring up the web browser and in the address bar would be the following:


If your sim card is not in the device, the device will prompt you to insert your sim, otherwise take you to a different link which will have a “Go Home” button on, you can click on this button to go to the home screen of the control interface
For security purposes, the device will ask you to “log in”, both the username and password would be “admin”.
Once logged in, you will see a few tabs at the top, you can select the Settings tab, which will bring up the following menu:


This is where we will be configuring the APN settings for your mobile device, quite straight forward, all you need to do, is click on the “Dial up” button, and select New Profile.
This will take you to the option to add your APN details, where the following details will be needed:

APN Name: RsawebMobile
APN: rsaweb.mobi
See below screenshot:


Once these details has been added, and you clicked on save the following screen will look like this:


Make sure that the profile name states “Default” in brackets so that the normal APN doesn’t interfere.

Once this has been configured, your RSAWeb sim card will make its way over to our Datacentre where it will authenticate and provide you with a rocking Mobile connection!

Bevan Stapleberg

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