A CMS installation such as WordPress is comprised of two parts, the physical files and a database.

To upload the physical files, either a local backup of an existing site or the install files of a new site. You would follow the steps in the article below as the procedure is the same.

Uploading a Simple Website

Once the files are in place the next step depends on whether the site is new or an existing site.


If performing a fresh install the next step would be to browse to the URL of the site and complete the installation instructions. These will include a request for database details which you can find/create when logged into Myrsaweb


If existing you would log into PHPmyadmin through Myrsaweb and import the contents of your local database save to the live database on our servers.

Once the database is uploaded you would again access the physical files, as per upload, and add the new database connection details to the CMS configuration file. wp-config.php for example.

Bevan Stapleberg

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