Once you have clicked on manage spam the below window will open:


To Manage the Spam of an individual mail account, click the Manage Spam button next to the specific mailbox.  To adjust the Spam tolerance, you can move the slider from 1 to 15. 1 being the strictest setting, and 15 being the most lenient.

The Statistics graph will show you the amount of both allowed and denied emails over the last month. Under the Email Log, you can see each individual mail that has been sent to this mailbox, and whether it was blocked or not.

If you click the manage button next to a specific email, you can either release it to the mailbox if it was blocked, block it if needed, or add a whitelist rule for that address when sending to this recipient. The Manage Spam Rules button will show a list of the black or whitelisted addresses/domains.

Go to How to Manage Your Email for additional changes that can be made to your mailbox.

Kyle Tippens

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