Using the Hauwei E3131 can be quite simple, as it requires you to only install the application from the internal flash memory on the device, and configuring the APN settings on your local machine.
Please note that these settings are only on the application on your computer, and will need to be installed on each new device it gets plugged in to.

Step 1.
After plugging the device in, go to your ”My PC” folder and open the application on the memory of this device, and follow the install prompt.

Step 2.
Once you have the application open, at the top of the application you should click on the tools menu, and open up the options tab in the dropdown.


This will bring up the following screen:


Once you have the Options open, it will first take you to the general tab, (First option on the left)
All you need to do is to click on Profile Management, and the screen as per the above screen shot will appear.

Once you are here, you will need to create a New profile, by clicking on the New button on the right hand side of this menu.

You will need to set the account up as per the below screen shot, only adding the APN Name as RsawebMobile, and the APN as


Once this has been added, you can click the save button and close the tools menu which will return you to your application where you connect from.

Your screen should look like the one below:
Once you have the correct profile name listed, you can click on connect and your RSAWeb mobile sim will find its way to our datacentre to provide you with a mobile internet connection!


Bevan Stapleberg

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