This article will help you process a new order for a domain.


There are seven easy steps to follow. In some instances the domain may not be available and a transfer of domain would be the only option, this is a separate process and will be found in a separate support article.


1. You will need to log into MyRSAWEB, under the services section click on Web Hosting

Web Hosting 1

2. Click on Order Hosting

Web Hosting 2

3. Select Hosting and Domains

Web Hosting 3

4. Type the domain you would like, in the example below was used only type in the testinghosting123 in the Type Your Domain Section, at the end select from the drop down which domain type you would prefer.

Web Hosting 4

5. Tick the Add to Order if available. If the order is not available.

– If not available you need to go to the Transferring a Domain support article to assist with the rest of the process.

Web Hosting 5

6. Select the package from the drop down, in this example the Business Linux package was selected.

Web Hosting 6

7. Review the Cost Summary and click Continue.

Web Hosting 7


Congratulations your new domain has been processed and you should have access to it within minutes, in some cases it can take a bit longer.

If you having any difficulty after 15 – 20 minutes please contact our support desk.


Kyle Tippens

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